Witherby Point Consulting Inc.

Our services are priced fairly and are guaranteed to deliver satisfaction.

We make no apologies for the value you are about to receive.

Sharpen Your Pitch

- Live on demand sales sparring service.
- Delivered in 15-minute sessions.
- Tests your sales preparedness.
- Provides  you with a rebuttal arsenal

- Helps you close more sales.

Personalized sessions starting at only $59.

Ask us about our baker's dozen discount.

Quick Hits

- 3 minute micro-learning sessions.
- Delivered weekly to your inbox.
- Reinforces sales technique.
- Keeps you sharp and motivated.
- Fresh ideas that generate new opportunities.

Subscription service for $39/month.

Annual service discounts also available. 

e-Image Reviews

- Elevates your social media persona.
- Reduces issues that create "sales drag".
- Increases traction.
- Decreases the likelihood of being ignored.
- Improves conversion rate.

All-inclusive review engagements
starting at $499/profile.

The Structured Approach

- Structured sales training theory.
- Course modules provided in digital form.
- Flextime / Flexplace offering.
- Complete sales encyclopedic compilation.
- Targeted teachings without the fluff.
- Boosts understanding.

- Puts theory into practice.

*To find out if your courses are eligible for grants from the B.C. Employer Training program (ETG), enquire at: 


Pricing is course dependent and subject to an initial candidate needs assessment. Please enquire with us as to your specific needs.

Grand Slam

- Personalized one to one service.
- All-inclusive sales support.
- Practice management scaling.
- Results in weeks, not months.
- A CSP* supports you every step of the way.
- Slow & steady approach.

- Incremental and compounding results.

- Process guaranteed not to overwhelm.
- Designed to address real-time practice hurdle specifics.

As each practice is different, prices will slightly vary depending on complexity of the engagement.

*Certified Sales Professional as awarded by the Canadian Professional Sales Association

Perhaps you're a poet and you don't know it?

- You know what you want to say.

- You need help with how to say it.

- A la carte editing service.

- Includes editing and proofreading features.
- Promotes effective messaging.
- Helps market your thoughts professionally.
- Improves concept clarity.
- Enhances your overall brand.

We recognize that every submission is unique and requires just the right amount of TLC. As such, our rates start at $125/hour or $10/page subject to a minimum document engagement fee for a 10-page submission.


- Personalized articles created just for you.
- SEO Optimized.
- Industry specific.
- Guaranteed turnaround.
- Frictionless.

- Personalized.

- Blogs, posts, articles, landing pages, email templates and more.
- Royalty-free image sourcing.

- Exclusive rights option also available.

An engagement fee of $250 applies for the first 500 words, and a 10 cent per word charge applies thereafter. Please note that the content we produce is completed from a creative marketing perspective and that the "creative" element is included in the fee levied our service.

#johnnycomeback ©

Over 20 years ago, the character of Johnny Comeback © was created to teach both customer service and sales staff how to properly deal with everyday client interactions. Over the years, Johnny evolved and focused his attention on how to properly apply modern sales theory in the real world.

Johnny now provides a forum for sales and customer service staff to gain insight on how best to deal with every day issues ranging from objections, complaints and yes, even praise!

A $59 fee applies per submission and includes issue review, analysis and realistic, practical solutions provided based on real-life experience.

Sale or No Sale!

From time to time, we, as consumers come across unique and interesting encounters with sales people that we just have to share! We think everyone has at least one such encounter, good or bad, that they will never forget.

Sharing of these experiences allows consumers and sales people alike to reflect, laugh and gain further insight on how a proper sales exchange should be carried out.

All names, characters, businesses, places, events, locales, and incidents are concealed, respected and protected.

Selections provided via annual subscription service  when making a minimum donation of $20 to our charity of choice "Beagle Paws".


This is the part where procrastinators are left behind and the journey towards excellence begins...


"No one has monopoly on good ideas." 

John C. Bach, creator of "Sale or No Sale"

With over 140,000 sales calls and counting under his belt, our lead sales training engineers have developed a generous offering that is sure to exceed your expectations. Whether you need a little, a lot, want it often or on an as needed basis, we will reverse engineer a personalized solution to get you the results that you want.