Witherby Point Consulting Inc.

"We create mindful practice management strategies that simply bring out the best in people."

Practice Management

Practice Management, perhaps a fancy term you haven't run a come before. One thing’s for sure though, you know exactly what it is and how it works! Practice Management encompasses how you go about managing all of the individual areas of your business which includes but is not limited to:

- Human Resources

- Finance

- Information Technology

- Compliance

- Marketing

- Operations

To us, "Practice Management" entails taking a bird’s eye view of what’s going on, identifying shortcomings, determining if these "shortcomings" are worth resolving and then identifying tried and true solutions to remedy the problems requiring attention.


Other Services Which Dovetail Into our Practice Management Services...

Creative Marketing Services

Our Creative Marketing Services have helped millions, okay maybe not millions but quite a lot  of businesses and individual entrepreneurs who have tapped into one of a kind solutions which capitalize on what makes them unique and allows them to shine brighter than anyone else in their field.

Sometimes, an unsolicited third party opinion is exactly what you need in order to see the forest through the trees!

Let's us share with you what we see through our creative lenses. You'll be pleasantly surprised with what we come up with. 

Proofreading & Copy Editing Services

Ever come across someone who takes something you've said or written and transforms it into sheer perfection?

Our in-house editing expert Arlie does exactly just that! Her work is pure perfection! Arlie will leave you saying: "Yeah! That's exactly what I wanted to say and how I wanted to say it but I just couldn't put it into words!

What you say and how you say can either translate into making the right type of connection with a potential client or turn them away forever!

To us it's a simple choice between "A" or "B". Do nothing or fine tune your message just like the "Amazons" and "Microsofts" of the world.

Sales Training Services

Like it or not, we all at one time or another are engaged in promoting ideas, ourselves or soliciting feedback from others.

Some people are just better than others at doing it and don't mind going through the process.

Our lead sales engineer, with well over 140,000 sales interactions of experience will assess your personality and values in order to bring the best out of who you are and what you already know to be true. No compromising, guaranteed!

Because nobody wants to sound like a robot! End this madness and overcome your reluctance to excel in marketing.