Witherby Point Consulting Inc.

Things have changed. Have you?

The 2020 pandemic has challenged our human operational existence.

People are looking at things in a different light and reexamining what is truly important in their lives.

More importantly, consumers are changing the way they behave and how they perceive value.

How can today's sales professional blaze new trails through these uncertain times?

We help sales professionals answer the all-important question:

"How can I?"

Discovery Initiatives

We believe that until we've had the chance to hear your story and understand what you're all about, we simply are not in a position to be of any value!

No clever marketing blurb can convey how critical it is that we understand you.

Our on-boarding process starts with a full day on-site to understand and identify the existing culture in your organization.

Our discovery initiative is the most important part of the process, as it provides us with a clear and objective view of why you do what you do.

e-Image Consultations

How are your sales people being perceived by others whether in person, on the phone, or via social media?

A salesperson's employer, their friends or co-workers are not always in a position to provide honest and constructive feedback as this process can potentially damage existing relationships.

Fair enough, so what are your options?

"Hello! Yes, you! Over here!"

We are skilled, tactful and respectful, and come bearing but one simple mirror to give your candidates an honest and factual glimpse of how they are perceived.

True, it can be a humbling experience but it is one that leads to positive change and desired results.

How can they be expected to improve if no one shows them?

One 2 One Coaching

This personalized approach yields enhanced results by including the following suite of candidate services:

  • Personality Assessments to determine your Selling Style
  • e-Image Consultations
  • Emotional Intelligence Awareness Practices
  • Mindful Sales Training & Development
  • Strategic Negotiation Instruction
  • Practice Management Reviews
  • Silent Shopper Initiatives
  • Ongoing Proofreading & Editing Services
  • Our Growing Library of over 150 Three Minute Daily Coaching & Affirmation Sessions
  • Monthly Performance Assessments & Reviews



What our clients are saying...

"Your method is simple, down to earth and was well received by our entire team!

You get what we're all about and you helped us perfect the way we match our product and services to our clientele's needs."

"You're the exact prescription our sales department needed to turn itself around. Thank you!"

"Just imagine where we would be today had we started working with you 10 years ago!"